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A lesson learned about organizing summer school : Compete against the situation-when Germans believe their media

The biggest barrier of the Summer School 2016 was the fact that I faced the serious reaction of a more negative nature raised from a German student, and the Administration of Trier University doing their duty towards the unclear warning sentences about the safety of Hat Yai on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affair in Germany. Although the German Embassy in Bangkok confirmed the safety of Hat Yai, the administrative people still interrupted my team.

They did not allowed the team to go to Thailand. I was not frightened that the German lecturers would be injured and/or something tragic would happen to the group. I had to move on, and I decided to fight with this unexpected reaction.

It was not easy to get a permission from the president of Trier University. I had to sign a document which was provided by the administrative people of Trier University, mentioned that the organizing team went to Hat Yai on their own risk. I felt that this was a real conflict among the administrative people, and the organizing team but we did not get discouraged. I believed that my willingness to organize the summer school was a benefit for Trier University and Prince of Songkla University as well as our sponsor and our participants who had enrolled with the SUWAMA.EU summer school from Thailand and oversea countries.

I am happy that the German lecturers made their decisions to move forward with positive attitude. We made it happened with a success.

Thailand is a nice and beautiful country. I do not want you to think that the southern Thailand is full of terrorists as the Ministry of Foreign Affair in Germany warns the German population. Terror means a person or thing that causes extreme fear, so the real terrorists for me are the medias who make people frightened of the southern Thailand, and the administration of Trier university who interrupted the summer school. I wanted you to remember the Paris attacks in 2015, and German terrorist attack 2016 mass shooting in Munich. The fact is there is no safe place in this world. Everywhere is dangerous but everywhere also has hidden beautiful things. I really feel hurt from this incredible behavior of the Germans at Trier University who complained, and criticized the safety of Thailand.

Only Thai people can make our beloved country to be better, and more beautiful on our own.

Written by : Dr. Pattarapond Pimolthai

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